SIP WITH SAM is a new online talk show featuring Sameera Shah as she sits down in a candid, one-on-one setting for great conversations with your fave celebrities. From Bravo to Forbes, Sameera sets out to get the tea no matter the size of the cup. Her questions are direct, her interviews are informative, and her tea is always served with a twist!

New episodes of Sip with Sam are live on SipwithSam.com, YouTube and IGTV. So sit back and enjoy all of the tea right here!


Pharmaceutical Heiress, full-time Princess, meme extraordinaire, animal activist, entrepreneur, philanthropist, jewelry designer and Instagram influencer, Sameera Shah is more than just redefining “extra!”

Born and raised in Bangkok, Sameera lived in California for 8 years being a “professional student” racking up a bachelor’s degree in Communications Studies from Chapman University and a minor in Sociology. Shortly after, she went to the Gemological Institute of America where she obtained degrees in Accredited Jewelry Professional, Jewelry Business Management and Graduate Gemologist. She also completed a degree in merchandise marketing from FIDM.

Sameera’s family soon beckoned her back to Thailand to help with their family businesses. She served as the only female director of the board on Megalife Sciences, one of the largest Pharmaceutical companies in Thailand. But she was always drawn to social media and finally found her calling in social media and mainly Instagram. She started her first Instagram accounts in 2015 and currently manages the account @PrincessSameera. She uses Princess Sameera as a personal outlet with original memes that she created and photos from her day to day life. In 2017, Sameera trademarked and copyrighted her own original catchphrase “redefining extra” which can be found themed throughout many of her memes.

In addition to Instagramming and continuing to serve on the board of MegaLife sciences, Sameera is also heavily involved in philanthropy. She felt a duty to give back and supports several charities including Queen Sirikit Center for Breast Cancer Awareness and Soi Dog Foundation that focuses on ending the suffering of animals in Asia. As Sameera continues to build her brilliant career filled with philanthropy and entrepreneurialism, she also works to grow her Instagram account at an incredible rate while posting original, intelligent and entertaining content that is just purely extra!